I help female leaders fall in love with their numbers.

Andrea Hiltbrunner - Business & Money Alchemist

As an intuitive business & money alchemist, I devote myself to helping sensitive and ambitious female leaders make their business bloom consistently, love their business metrics and boost all aspects of their lives. I have mastered the art of looking at all aspects of a person and helping them overcome the mental money blocks holding them back right away.


My unique approach combines top practical business insights with my talent for resolving those invisible blocks - paving the way for you to achieve your true vocation.


I love simplicity.


There is nothing I love more than empowering women to believe in themselves and their potential and channelling that to make their dreams a reality. I want you too to see the power and uniqueness we all harbour inside tapped and unleashed.


I have resolved to listen to and trust in my heart at all times and live my life in line with that approach.

Heart, Paris, Enthusiasm

How it all began


Since my very earliest moments, abundant strength, determination and enthusiasm have been ever-present qualities. Other pillars in my life to date include creativity, heart and appreciation.


I taught for 16 years, full of joy and enthusiasm, working at various schools domestically and overseas.


Paris was home for 3 years, during which time I graduated from the Marcel Marceau Paris International School of Mimodrama. This was a happy and enlightening time, one which gave me the toughening-up I needed: an education full of ups and downs but a learning curve of compassion.



I spent a decade as a mime artist, gracing international stages with Carlos Martinez and my solo program “Von Mona zu Lisa- das Universum der Frau” ("From Mona to Lisa – the woman’s universe”). This gave me in-depth insights into body language and communication, which I tap into when teaching companies how to lead their staff more warmly and in a way that is easier to take on board.


As I’m a sensitive soul at heart, it was a huge deal to show the inner me, voice my feelings and speak for myself. Even so, the strength I was blessed with from day one remains very much intact and I have always faced up to fears and been unafraid to take risks.


95% would never suffice for me – come what may, I had to be 100% true to myself and what my heart told me.


This is also what fuelled my drive to learn from the best in their fields, including Hiro Boga, Sage Lavine, Christine Kane, Ali Brown and Kendall Summerhawk.

My Vision

The here & now



I have found myself and my vocation as a leader.


What I have mastered, above all, comes from my sensitivity, intuition and foresight.


I can pass all I have learned on to my customers because I, too, have been in their shoes.


This is the approach I embrace with all my being:


● I work with leaders who strive wholeheartedly and with conviction for positive change and those who are ready to invest in themselves and their growth.


● I decline to work with people who use excuses, pass the buck to others for the state of their lives or who are anything less than 100 percent reliable.

My approach means embracing the shining side of your heart and the brilliance of your being.

Are you ready to take the plunge?

Here's to your success!

Andrea Hiltbrunner


"Andrea is an incredibly intuitive guide who holds a space for dreams to take flight and become real. She will gently show you what your heart and soul are guiding you to do. I highly recommend her beautiful work if you need clarity, guidance or encouragement to make your dreams come true." Jackie Stewart


"Imagine someone you are meeting for the first time in your life, and already after first minutes talking to this person, you feel at ease, you feel like you can talk to this person for hours, like each word you say is heard and understood. Andrea is a great listener, she has this incredible talent to see through you, understand your worries, difficulties  and most importantly help you to see where they are coming from and how to deal with them.

She is glowing with so much positive and  peaceful energy, that you instantly get surrounded by it. Andrea helped me on several occasions to reconnect to myself, better understand  my feelings, goals, my energy; she taught me a technique that I am using on everyday basis to clear my energy a press a ‘restart” button, which I always find very helpful. I can highly  recommend Andrea to everyone, she is a gem!"  Anna Roussos


" I just love the energy Andrea possesses. She has the biggest and deepest capacity for holding and transforming energy, and to transfer it. I am deeply greatful and filled with reverence. My personal power have increased tremendously after working with Andrea. This is really deep work. Its not about quick-fixes or the ”ego happiness.” Anderas work runs much much deeper than that. I highly recommend all that Andrea has to offer. I trust her with my heart, she have the highest integrity and you will be lead to what you need." Gunilla Å, Sweden