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Womanifest® is not just a book, it is a global movement.

WOMANIFEST - Ebb and Flow

Womanifest® is more than just a book! Here's what you need to know:


The book came to me 20 years ago when I was sitting on the beach in St. Ives, Cornwall, U.K. Inside I heard the words "ebb and flow" and "Andrea, you have to write a book".


The book was in my heart for 20 years. In May 2017 it was finally ready and it saw the light of day.

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This is by far my longest project! It took me a full two years from idea to product! My joy is huge that this powerful card set is finally available and accessible for you.

Womanifest Power Set English

Each of the 24 pictures was painted on canvas by me and shows 24 strong qualities. However, they are not only "pictures", but a holistic system.


The set consists of 24 self-painted cards plus a companion book.

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The oils make the transformation processes less painful and help us to let go and let the new golden light flow more easily into our bodies.


The Egyptian priests had a deep understanding of the laws of nature and man. They were aware of the simultaneity of their being in different worlds and shaped them actively and creatively. 


Therefore they were masters in the field of any communication between the hereafter and this world and were able to recognize and remedy disturbances of the psyche or diseases in the body. The holy oils were their helpers.


Oils for the Chakras

They cleanse, revitalize and balance the chakras and the subtle bodies. They support and train our perception and communication skills on the different levels of consciousness.


The 8 chakras are the interfaces between body and mind. The application of the oils creates a feeling of security, relaxation and protection. They open, give clarity and improve perception and communication with the spiritual world.


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Royal Amber for the root chakra (red)

Dissolves blockages in the root chakra, brings back to earth. Dissolves feelings of guilt and fear in life and in dealing with his fellow men. It balances imbalances in sexuality. It promotes the enjoyment of life. Promotes and helps to bring our spiritual qualities and abilities back to earth. Negative energies can flow away. Pipette bottle 3ml.

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Musk: for the navel chakra (orange)

Clarification and transformation of feelings of guilt, issues of abuse. Balance for sexuality. Acceptance of creativity, female/male energy and knowledge. Bringing knowledge of the energy of creation back into the flow. Gives us a feeling of security, safety and warmth and at the same time clarity and openness. It helps us to find inner serenity and let things run their course. It helps us to be able to accept ourselves. Especially effective in combination with Royal Amber. Pipette bottle 3ml.

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Jasmine: for the solar plexus chakra (yellow)

Solving fears and power issues, accepting one's own power. Jasmine gives us lightness, has a liberating effect in case of disgruntlement and depression and brings us in harmony with the higher chakras. It helps with sensitivity in the stomach. It makes us strong and sensitive at the same time. Jasmine makes us realize what we are afraid of and supports us to let go of these fears, to transform them and then to take on our own personal power. The I AM. Pipette bottle 3ml.


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Rose for the heart chakra (green)

Solution of blockades, development of the own ability to love oneself and everything that is. Release of injuries. Rose is used to purify the heart chakra, to clear and heal our feelings. Through this we can forgive ourselves and others, which is very important. Rose opens the ability to love. It gives security to be able to decide according to the feeling. It helps with emotional stress. It creates balance and has a balancing effect between giving and taking. Leads to unconditional love with all that IS. Pipette bottle 3ml.


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Amber cashmere for the throat chakra (light blue/turquoise)

Give yourself room for your own being and enter into communication with your outside world. Speaking the right words at the right time. Amber Kashmir helps to speak the truth freely and without fear. It facilitates one's own clarity in communicating with other people. We are understood. It supports us to go through fears and free ourselves from them. To deal with the reality of our deepest inner and outer life and to be open for new things. Self-confidence and self-esteem are strengthened. Pipette bottle 3ml.

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Sandalwood for the third eye chakra (blue)

Very fine, delicate fragrance, thicker consistency. Warm the oil in your hands. Opening and clear view for the spiritual world. Concentration on the essential. Promotes higher consciousness and living one's own truth. Supports to see the aura of the human being and the world in the open stage of the 3rd eye. Balances inner vision. Has a harmonizing effect on stress situations. Balances mental irritations. Stimulates the immune system. Promotes concentration and well-being. Pipette bottle 3ml.

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Lotus for the crown chakra (purple)

Lotus stands for purity, femininity and divinity. Through this oil, centering and awareness are enhanced. Feel like a queen. The awakened richness inside may then also be reflected outside. As inside so outside. Was used in ancient Egypt by kings, priests and priestesses in temple service to reach high spiritual levels. Supports expansion of consciousness. Lotus brings clarity and promotes creativity. Awakens sensuality and opens the heart. Pipette bottle 3ml.

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Papyrus oil for the 8th chakra (white)

The 8th chakra enables our communication with ALL THAT IS, with all beings and with the whole universe. The Papyrus Oil supports this chakra, helps us to be with ourselves again and to look deeply into our own self, to then go into communication. It is suitable to achieve the greatest possible ability to visualize and communicate beyond the body and beyond the material world and to be Boundless. Today as then, papyrus is a holy oil. Pipette bottle 3ml.

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plus shipping costs (shipping Europe only)